Definitions used in weather climate statistics for Kent Island  NB data from 1937 to 2004



Columns labeled A-G indicate # days with:





(A) Max temperature >= 70

(E) Fog at any time

(B) Precip >= 0.01



(F) Fog at AM &/or PM ob.

(C) Precip >= 0.25



(G) Thunderstorm(s) &/or

(D) Precip >= 0.50








The first four columns refer to average monthly values, while

H and L refer to highest and lowest daily values per month

GDD  (Growing degree days) values are provisional

See daily weather summary form for additional notes.

* Twenty year statistics, 1961-1980.




** Temperatures for 1937 not included because of poor ventilation

in shelter used in that year.





GDD computed from daily max & min after 1985, formulars used prev.

with monthly avg max & min with corr. see col

R,S,T, & U















GDD are growing degree days with a base of 50 degrees F.